Here are some HowTo article written by myself and others. I hope that you find something useful. My many thanks to the authors who have contributed articles. Each document not written by me has the original author's name mentioned in the article.

      HowTo: Restore cards from an Anki backup file
           A step-by-step guide to restoring cards to an Anki deck from a backup file.

      Introduction to typing and using RTL (Right to Left) text
           Introduction to typing and using RTL (Right to Left) text, and configuring software applications to support RTL.

      HowTo: Write Code
           This page describes how to add new code to a file to build a program. Examples are given in HTML and PHP.

      HowTo: Install Linux Software From Source
           Sometimes we need the latest and greatest applicationss that just are not available prepackaged for our distos.

      HowTo: Configure e-mail clients to send mail in plain text
           Many mail clients are configured to send email in HTML. Due to the problems this causes, I have prepared this guide to configuring popular email clients to send mail in plain text. It is also recommended to use the UTF-8 encoding as well, see the tutorial below.

      HowTo: Configure e-mail clients to send UTF-8 text
           Many mail clients are configured to send only ASCII (English only) text. Here is how to configure some popular mail clients to use the international standard UTF-8 encoding.

      HowTo: Add blocked sites to the Firefox Password Manager
           Some websites, in particular financial institutions, prevent the Firefox password manager from saving login information. Here is the guide to adding those site to the Firefox password manager without resorting to extensions.

      HowTo: Going from Paint to The Gimp
           A quickie guide to the GNU Image Manipulation Program for those familiar with simple image editors such as MS Paint

      HowTo: Import mail from Netscape to The Bat!
           Switching email clients? This tutorial also cover moving from the Opera email client to The Bat!

      HowTo: Linksys Router
           This tutorial goes through the steps of setting up a Linksys router for use with Fedora or any other distro.

      HowTo: Creating a Local DNS Blocklist for Use by Postfix with RBLDNSD
           Tired of spam? So was I...

      HowTo: Use Evolution to read local mailbox
           This is good if you want to read root's mail in a gui. If you're not interested in doing that, then you probably press 'Start' to turn off your computer.

      HowTo: Set up Port Knocking.
           Took, took! Who's there? It's just me, not some Hong-Kong script kiddie.

      HowTo: Creating a Local Yum Repo.
           Got more than one Linux box to update? Save your bandwidth with this easy to follow tutorial. Yum! Tasty!

      Really Simple Command Line Tutorial For Newbies.
           Are you familiar with Windows Explorer? Then you already know everything that you need to know to use the Linux Command Line.


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