How to restore cards from an Anki backup file.

  1. In the Anki main screen, click on File -> Open.
  2. Using the file manager menu go up a single directory and then enter the directory "backups".
  3. Open the file named !home!USER!.anki!DECK_NAME.anki.
  4. If you get a no-sync warning, dismiss it.
  5. Click Edit -> Browse Items.
  6. Highlight the cards that you would like to restore.
  7. Click on Actions -> Add Tags.
  8. Add the tag EXPORT.
  9. Close the card browser.
  10. Click on File -> Export.
  11. In the "Limit to tags" box enter "EXPORT".
  12. Check the "Include scheduling information" box.
  13. Click Export.
  14. Save to your desktop as "restored".
  15. Click File -> Close.
  16. Find the backup deck in the deck list, click on More -> Delete.
  17. Open the original deck.
  18. Click on File -> Import.
  19. Select the deck "restored" from your desktop.
  20. Click Import.
  21. Click Close.
  22. Click Edit -> Browse Items.
  23. In the Filter menu select the item "EXPORT" (near the bottom, with a green icon).
  24. Click on the first item.
  25. Click Edit -> Select All.
  26. Click Actions -> Delete Tags.
  27. Enter "EXPORT".
  28. Click OK.
  29. Close the card browser.
  30. In your file manager, delete the deck "restored" from your desktop.


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