Import mail from Netscape to The Bat!

Note: Folder structure is NOT preserved! A tip for populating the sent folder is included.

01) Download and install Opera web borwser.
02) Disconnect from the internet. This prevents the various mail programs from downloading messages sent to you during the conversion.
03) Setup a mail account in Opera: Mail | New account... | Regular e-mail (POP)
04) Import your Netscape mail: Mail | New account... | Import e-mail | Import from Netscape 6/7
05) Uncheck all the checkboxes exept for Import Messages.
06) Find your Netscape prefs file. For example:
     C:\WINDOWS\Mozilla\Profiles\default\ ^some crap here^ \prefs.js
07) Close Opera.
08) Start The Bat!
09) Tools | Import Messages | From UNIX-mailboxes...
10) Open the folder where Opera stores the mail. For example:
     C:\Program Files\Opera7\Mail\store\account1
11) Select the first .mbs file that appears
12) Repeat steps 10-11 for each .mbs file. You will not need to hunt for the folder, just select each file.
13) Open Opera, remove your account: Mail | Manage accounts...
14) To seperate your sent messages into the sent folder: sort by sender, select everything that you sent, and drag them into the sent folder.
15) Send me an email telling me about your experience. My current email address appears on the homepage.

Software versions used in this arcticle:
Nescape: Mozilla 1.6
The Bat! 2.12.00
Opera 7.51


Import mail from Netscape to The Bat! Import mail from Netscape to The Bat! Import mail from Netscape to The Bat!
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