Windows 7 is Windows Vista rebranded

If there was ever any doubt that Windows 7 is simply a rebranded Windws Vista, let there be doubt no longer. During the installation, simply click "What to know before installing Windows" and you will get this tell-all screen:

Windows 7 is Windows Vista rebranded

If it's not clear in the screenshot, let me spell it out:
Installing Windows Vista This document provides general information that you should know before installing Microsoft® Windows Vista™.

As many people have suspected, Microsft has simply taken Vista Code and rebranded it. Although they have removed the term "Vista" from the core operating system itself, it seems that the term has slipped through a few cracks, as can be seen here.

Date Published: 2009-01-27


windows, 7, seven, vista If there was ever any doubt, here is proof that Windows 7 is a rebranded Windows Vista. windows, 7, seven, vista
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