Ask software vendors to port their work to Linux

Are you contemplating a move to Linux, or already moved, and are frustrated by many commercial software houses' lack of Linux support? Here is a guide to contacting them.

What to write:

Mention competing applications, both open and closed source, that perform similar functions and run on Linux. Be sure to stress that, although these other applications available, you would like to remain loyal to this company's products but cannot remain tied to an insecure/**/unintuitive operating system just for this one app.

Write that you are willing to pay full price for a new software licence. Yes, it hurts. But these companies are in the business of making money. Linux is currently seen in the software industry as a platform for people who do not want to pay for software. Make it clear to the software houses that developing Linux software (a huge investment on their part) is financially viable for them. Make it clear that you use Linux for it's security, flexibility, and performance, not as a way of getting something for nothing.

What not to write:

Do not use MySpace/Digg comment grammer when contacting software houses. That means not saying "you suck" or using l337 txt shortcuts. Additionally, spell check your email before sending it. We want to appear as a body of professional computer users, not as a fad that will be over next year. Professional appearance is paramount in influencing these companies' business decisions.

Direct links to vendors' contact information:

Points to mention:

  • Reasons that you cannot remain on the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Reasons that you chose Linux specifically, instead of MacOS or another OS.
  • Reasons that you wish to remain loyal to this particular software house's products.


software, linux, windows, porting Would you like to see your favorite Windows applications run on Linux? Here's how to ask companies to port their software to Linux. software, linux, windows, porting
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