Websites that I manage

What is? What!What is? What!
A question and answer site. Submit "What is" questions, get an answer.
Lyrics ListLyrics List
Web site with song lyrics. Has an interesting XML backend. Yet another project that I never finished.
Technology SleuthTechnology Sleuth
This site has technology-related information in a simple question layout. Each question has three answers: Short Answer, Long Answer, and Technical Answer. This makes the site a thorough reference for the technologically-naive, yet a powerful reference for techies.
Simple SniffSimple Sniff
This site provides some useful information regarding a users environment, such as IP address and accepted encodings.
Gmail - comGmail - com
Some information about gmail. Also includes gmail tips and tricks.

Websites that I use and recommend

Portable AppsPortable Apps
Portable Apps is a website listing FOSS software that can be run without installation on a MS Windows computer. Usually, the intention is to run the software from a portable USB drive.

Software that I use and recommend

Open OfficeOpen Office
Open Office is a FOSS office suit that runs on Windows and Linux computers. It's default write format is ODF, it can write PDF and DOC files, and it can read most DOC files. I carry Portable OpenOffice in my pocket on a USB memory stick. (Technion Mirror of Portable OpenOffice)
Kubuntu is a FOSS operating system. It is Debian-based, modified and supported by the huge Ubuntu community, and uses the KDE desktop.
Firefox is a FOSS web browser. It is standards compliant and infinitely extensible with it plugin architecture. I even carry Portable Firefox in my pocket for the times that I must use a computer without Firefox already installed. Windows users might want to install Microsoft's ClearType Tuner PowerToy along with Firefox to enable ClearType in non-MS software.
Opera is a proprietary, standards-compliant web browser. It is probably the safest browser for MS Windows computers. Although I use Firefox instead of Opera because of extentions that help me work, I highly recommend Opera and I am convinced that it is the best web browser available.
Skype is a proprietary Internet VOIP application that runs on Windows and Linux computers. Skype also has the ability to call standard telephones and an integrated, proprietary IM client.

Software and tools to help people

Sun ODF Plugin 1.1 for Microsoft OfficeSun ODF Plugin 1.1 for Microsoft Office
This plugin for Microsoft Office enables the software to read and write ODF documents. This permits archival of documents in a standard format that is not subject to proprietary licensing or withdrawal of support. I have not yet tested this tool, however, it comes highly recommended from a software vendor that I trust.
2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF
This Add-in to MS Office 2007 lets users save documents as PDF files. This permits distribution and read-only archival of documents. I have not yet tested this tool, however, it comes from the maker of MS Office itself (for what that's worth).
PDFCreator is a FOSS Windows print driver that lets any program print to PDF. I recommend disabling the toolbar installation, which the installer is very upfront about and does not hide. I see no reason to create the Start Menu folder, Desktop Icon, or Windows Explorer context menu either, but some people may find these options useful.


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