Israel Attacks

For the past few days I've seen headlines in English news that read "Israel attacks Lebanon" and things of that nature. I hope it is very clear that we have attacked only the Lebanese transportation systems (bridges, runways, gas stores) in an effort to prevent the movement of rockets and our captured soldiers. Katyusha rockets are stored in Beirut and are carried by trucks further south. They are launched from those same trucks. If the Hezbollah have no gas, and no bridges, then they cannot move our captured soldiers to Syria and they cannot bring rockets to our border.

Furthermore, Israel never "attacked" Lebanon. Lebanon attacked us. The whole flare-up on the border began when they fired two RPGs at our army Jeeps (that were routinely patrolling our side of the border), then crossed the border and abducted two of the wounded. At the same time, they launched Katyusha rockets at several northern towns. It was a full hour later that the first Israeli reprisal came. The situation has only escalated from there.

I'd further like to point out that Hezbollah is a political party of the Lebanese government now. That means that when they attack us, it is the Lebanese government attacking us. The order may have not gone through the Lebanese Minister of Defence, but that is Hezbollah breaking Lebanese law. It is still the government attacking us. Much like the Hamas in Gaza.

Did you know that we warned the residents of southern Beirut, who live in Nassrallah's neighborhood, that we would be bombing the area? Our intention is _not_ killing people, and we told them to leave because the area would be hit. Just like when we evacuate the homes of suicide bombers before we destroy them. We punish the families, but do not kill them. And there is no doubt that that is effective- it has been quite a while since we've had a suicide bombing. When they know that their families will lose their home, they don't blow themselves us on our buses.


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