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My Letter:
On the homepage there is a notice that
the site requires Internet Explorer 6+ or Netscape Navigator 7+ to
access. Why is that? Are there features that I am missing by using Firefox?

Thanks in advance.

Response Received:
Dear Dotan,

Thank you for contacting

We are sorry to report that the following browsers below are no longer
compatible with our website.

* I.E. 4.x on PC
* I.E. on MAC
* Netscape
* Safari 1.0 on MAC
* Opera
* CompuServe
* Camino™ by Mozilla
* Mozilla standalone
* Mozilla Firefox 3 (not tested)
* Cell phone and PDA Browsers

We recommend that you either switch or upgrade your browser to:

- Internet Explorer 6.0 with Service Pack 1 (for PC including AOL)

- Firefox 2 for Windows

- Firefox 2 for Mac OSX

- Safari 1.1 and up for MAC. To use Plan Manager, please install Safari
version 2.

Customer Service Associate

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My Response:
I use Ubuntu Linux. Is Firefox 2 on Ubuntu Linux adequate?

Response Received:
Thank you for contacting There is one version of our website regardless of which browser you are using. Firefox 2 and 3 appear to work fine with our website. We have received few or no complaints about the these versions of Firefox. In fact when our subscribers have issues with IE6 and IE7 we recommend they try our website with the latest versions of Firefox. What is most important is that you make sure to have the latest version of Adobe Flash player installed and have enabled cookies, java and java script. It is also important to make sure that pop-ups are allowed while using our website.

If you experience an issue while using our website please email with as much detail about your browser, computer and the error you receive.

Customer Service Associate


Best Web Buys

My Letter:
I am trying to buy a book from, but I cannot set my zip code. I click on "Zip Code: None set. - click here to set it" however nothing happens. I assume that the javascript does not work in Firefox in Ubuntu Linux. Please fix your javascript so that I can purchase. Thank you.

Response Received:
Please realize that Best Web Buys is like a search engine and is not a store. All orders are handled by the stores we search and not by us. When you click on a "BUY" link from one of our price comparison pages, we hand you off to that store's website where you place your order. If you need help placing an order please contact that store for help. You can find contact information for all of the stores through the link below.

Users register with our site so that they can post ratings or to get sales tax information, but not to place orders. If you need help setting the zip code for your account (to get sales tax info) then I can forward your email to the webmaster for help.

Thank you,

Audrey Gubler <[email protected]>
Customer Service, BestWebBuys

My Response:
Thank you Audrey. To clear things up, this is the page that I am having trouble with:

As this page is hosted on I figured that I'd let you know. It is not _only_ this page, but all related pages on the site that are problematic.

Response Received:
I will let our webmaster know about the problem you're having.

In your original email you said that you were trying to buy a book. I just want to be clear that to buy a book you do not add it to your wish list. To order books you click on the BUY links next to the store names.




My Letter:
כשאני מנסה להשתמש בחיפוש קוים, אני מקבל את השגיה הזאת:

Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: An unknown error occurred while processing the request on the server. The status code returned from the server was: 2147746065

אני מדפדף בפיירפוקס.

Response Received:
דותן שלום,

פנייתך בנושא הודעת השגיאה בדפדפן הפיירפוקס (בו, אגב, המערכת תומכת) התקבלה בתודה והועברה לבדיקת אגף המחשוב.

אני מודה לך שטרחת ופנית אלינו על מנת שנוכל להמשיך ולשפר את השירות לציבור ומאחל לך המשך נסיעה טובה בשירות אגד.



My Letter:
האתר של אגד אינו עובד בדפדפן פיירפוקס. יש קישורים שלא ניתן ללחוץ עליהם, ודפים שעיצובם פגוע. נא לתקן. תודה.

Response Received:
דותן שלום,

פנייתך בנושא תמיכת האתר בדפדפני המוזילה התקבלה בתודה והועברה לבדיקת אגף המחשוב.

המלצותיך יבחנו וייושמו במידת האפשר.

אנו מודים לך על תשומת הלב ומאחלים המשך נסיעה טובה בשירות אגד.

נב. בשלב זה ועד להתאמת מערכת המידע החדשה לפיירפוקס, ניתן למצוא פתרון חלקי לבעיית התמיכה בדפדפן הפיירפוקס בקישור המצורף:



My Letter:
אינני יכול לשלוח דוא"ל דרך וואלה בפיירפוקס. כשאני לוחץ על כפתוא "שלח" אז מופיע פס אדום, וזהו. הדוא"ל אינו נשלח. שימוש בדפדפן אינטרנט אקספלורר לא אפשרי, מכיוון שהוא מסוכן ופריץ. בנוסף, אין גרסא של אינטרנט אקספלורר שעובד באובונטו לינוקס.

Response Received:
שלום רב,

אנו מודים לך על פנייתך!

בכדי להשתמש בשירותי וואלה! יש צורך בדפדפן Internet Explorer מגרסה 6.0 ומעלה.
עדכון לדפדפן 6Internet Explorer באנגלית תוכל למצוא ב:

עדכון לדפדפן 6Internet Explorer בעברית תוכל למצוא ב:

*פעולות אלו הן בגדר המלצה בלבד. הפעולות יבוצעו באחריות המשתמש - וואלה! אינה נוטלת על עצמה אחריות לכל נזק שיגרם כתוצאה מביצוע פעולות אלו.


תמיכה טכנית וואלה!

פתרונות נוספים ניתן למצוא בדף העזרה החדש שלנו בכתובת:
כמו כן, ניתן לפנות לפורום התמיכה שלנו בכתובת:


Mark The World

My Letter:
When browsing website, I repeated get this message:
"An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please retry or e-mail [email protected] for assistance."

What happens is this:
I click a link, and the page loads. About a second after the page loads, the screen turns white and I receive the above message. I also notice that the URL has changed to "".

I am using Firefox on Ubuntu Linux. Thank you for taking an interest in the matter.

Response Received:
We apologize for any inconvenience. The order has been cancelled and will be credited to your account. It usually takes 7-12 business days starting at the cancellation date for the credit to be posted to your account. Please contact us with any comments or questions.

I've never ordered anything from this site. They must be so used to unsatisfied customers that their default computer-generated response is an order cancellation acknowledgment!



My Letter:
I think that it's about time that you remove the browser sniffer at the address The site blocks browsers other than Internet Explorer based on the assumption that the Hebrew support is not good. In my experience, Firefox has better Hebrew support than does Internet Explorer. In any case, we use Linux at home, and Microsoft does not provide Internet Explorer for Linux. So that means that we cannot see your website at all.

Response Received:
The Hebrew site went online in 2002, before the first public version of Mozilla was released. Back then, there were only IE and Netscape, and Netscape's support for Hebrew was very poor. Over 90% of the Israeli surfers used IE, so I designed the site only to support IE browsers. Since then I didn't change the message that appears in other browsers, and I must admit that this message would give the wrong impression at this time. Personally I prefer using Firefox for almost all the sites I visit, and I'm well aware of its growing popularity. The reason I can't allow access to non-IE browsers (namely Firefox) at this time is that the site currently uses HTML and JavaScript which is based on the unique features that IE offers, and not all of them are standard. So on other browsers the site simply won't work. I will rewrite some of the code to support other browsers, but it will take some time. Anyway, I will change the message on the page to explain the reason the site can't be viewed by other browsers. Thanks for the email. Again, I'm sorry for any inconveniece.


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