The differences between OpenOffice and LibreOffice

This page is a very rough draft for listing the differencs between Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Both programs are derived from Sun Additions and corrections to this document are welcomed and encouraged, please contact me here.

FORMATTING TABLE double borders incompatibility with old LibO / OOo Versions

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180% screenshot of table rules in 3.3.2

I have a document with hundreds of tables. I designed the table rules with the corporate style. I've attached a screenshot of one of the tables, before and after 3.3.4.

When I loaded the file into LibreOffice 3.3.4, the table rules exploded, as shown in the second attachment. (Both attachments are taken with the document at 180%.)

Here's how the upper-left corner cell is defined in the odt/content.xml file: style:border-line-width-left="0.0139in 0.0139in 0.0139in" style:border-line-width-top="0.0139in 0.0139in 0.0139in" fo:padding="0.0201in" fo:border-left="0.0417in double #0000ff" fo:border-right="none" fo:border-top="0.0417in double #0000ff" fo:border-bottom="0.0007in solid #0000ff"

Here's how is looks in 3.3.4: style:border-line-width-left="0.0417in 0.0417in 0.0417in" style:border-line-width-top="0.0417in 0.0417in 0.0417in" fo:padding="0.0201in" fo:border-left="3pt double #0000ff" fo:border-right="none" fo:border-top="3pt double #0000ff" fo:border-bottom="0.05pt solid #0000ff"

As you can see, the border-line-width-left and top are getting tripled!

(B.T.W. 0.0139in = 1pt; 0.0417in = 3pt)

Table, border line style double line (inner/outer lines 1 twip wide) still broken

The new feature introduce in the 3.4.x series changed the way 'Table Format>Borders>Line' is configured. All my double line borders are very wide, hiding content in some cases.

The new Line configuration is done by 'style' & 'width' neither which seem to produce a readable double line border.

This is a feature that has worked here since OOv. 1.02, quite a large archive of documents affected, as are all my templates.

Tables, border line style, double line to close together

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comparison of border lines style LO ver 3.5.1RC2 & LO ver 3.3.4 rendered in 3.5

On a newly created table, Table properties > table format > borders > line > style

The distance between the two lines is to small, it is hard to tell it is a double line border style. The distance between the two lines used to be greater ~ x2, in ver 3.3 and before. This is using the 'line width' of .05 which is the same line weight as the table. increasing the line width is not the solution, heavier lines for the border are not wanted, more distance between the lines is.

Date Published: 2012-03-13


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