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5:14:27 PMSystemInitial Question/Comment: Why doesn't Dell provide x50v hardware specs like HP does?
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5:14:40 PMGaurav_0125891Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Warranty Support for Desktops, Electronics & Accessories and Printers. My name is Gaurav and my Rep ID is 0125891. May I have the address and telephone number to which the system was shipped at the time of purchase for verification?
5:14:47 PMYouHello Guarav
5:14:52 PMGaurav_0125891Hello
5:15:19 PMYouI bought the Dell x50v on Ebay. My personal address is 43 Haviva Raik, Haifa, Israel
5:15:34 PMYouMy phone number is 972-54-788-1700
5:15:42 PMGaurav_0125891Please let me know the service tag of the Axim
5:15:59 PMYouWhere is the service tag?
5:16:34 PMGaurav_0125891Dotan, the service tag is under the battery.
5:16:49 PMGaurav_0125891It is a 5-7 digit alphanumeric number
5:17:31 PMYouUnder the battery? No, I am not going to hard reset the device.
5:17:50 PMYouI have a simple question that has nothing to do with my paticular machine
5:18:13 PMYouI want to know why dell does not provide the hardware specs for the x50v
5:19:34 PMYouHello?
5:19:37 PMGaurav_0125891Dotan,If I understand the issue correctly you need the specification for the Axim, am I right ?
5:21:12 PMYouI would be happy if you provide me with the hardware specs, yes.
5:21:55 PMGaurav_0125891I am giving you a web link for the manual of the Axim, you will find all the specification under that
5:22:07 PMSystemGaurav_0125891 pushes page,
5:23:08 PMYouSpecifically, I need the specifications for writing drivers for the various hardware inside the machine. This PDF does not contain those specs.
5:23:46 PMGaurav_0125891Do you need the drivers for the Axim
5:25:36 PMYouI want to write drivers for the hardware so that I can port linux to the x50v. HP provides specs for all the hardware inside the 4700 series of handhelds (and all thier other handhelds as well). I would like the same information for the x50v.
5:26:41 PMYouSpecifically, I would like information on the ASIC chip, the Toshiba TC200G.
5:27:56 PMGaurav_0125891Please allow me a minute.
5:28:23 PMYouThank you.
5:31:07 PMGaurav_0125891The base RAM address on the Dell Axim x50(v) is 0xA800_0000.
5:32:22 PMYouThanks. That is known.
5:32:48 PMYouBasically, that page does summarize what is needed to contibue work.
5:33:17 PMYouI very much appreciate your assisting to help find the information that we _don't_ know.
5:34:04 PMGaurav_0125891Thank you very much.
5:34:08 PMGaurav_0125891Is there anything else related to Dell hardware, I may help you with?
5:35:22 PMYouThere are severl pin connections that we cannot figure out.
5:35:42 PMYouIs there a diagram, or explanation of the pin connections available?
5:36:48 PMYouAlso, we need GPIOs information.
5:38:39 PMGaurav_0125891Dotan, I am really apologetic but there are not diagrams for the pin connections are available with us.
5:39:57 PMYouToo bad. Is there any information on the GPIOs?
5:41:32 PMGaurav_0125891Please allow me a couple of more minutes to search for the issue.
5:41:52 PMYouThanks. I appreciate it very much.
5:45:06 PMGaurav_0125891Here is a link that might be helpful for you.
5:45:08 PMGaurav_0125891
5:46:55 PMYouThank you. I will pass that on to the people working on that part. When we run into problems, we will contact you. Thank you very much. I very much appreciate your assistance.


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