Photos and pictures of Army

I'll show the Hamas how it's done. The work is not done until everyone's
back at the base. Eating bananas under a tree. This is how we take out the trash. They really missed that bus. The view from Ramallah is rather nice from
this angle.
At least
Dotan and the photographer find something interesting enough to keep them awake during an ambush. Probably the most
comfortable armoured bed on tracks in existance. Self-portrait on the way to take out the
trash. Dotan in an armoured hummer. Dotan on his way to work, with equipment. Dotan trying to look tough
with an armoured hummer that isn't his.
This is how Golani earn their fighting
insignia pins. Guess what's holding that pin in place. Sergeant Tomer making sure
the pin stays, while Tarik enjoys the scene. Some wash their face, some don't. Ron and Dotan
celebrating after finishing the final trek of training. Two Golani newbies with fresh berets.
Three Golani trainees. They
have no idea what is in store for them. Somebody practicing
giving an infusion on Dotan left him with a nice bruise.  


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