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Maayan learns from May what to do at
university. Meirav teaches Maayan how to
get by at university. Mommy, I'll show you how to burp a baby. Try this pacifier, sister. Family activity. A real princess.
Forward... back! Forward... back! Sail, sail, sail my snekkja. How did the ceiling get on the floor? What to do with two nice girls? Mommy won't find me here Taking this thing for a ride.
I'm flying!!!!!!!!!! Who turned of the light? Come to Mommy! Come to me! What is grandma's number? Getting ready to play her
masterpiece Nobody will find me here.
Clap, clap, clap your hands... There should be some gold here
somewhere. How fun it is to get clean with my cousin! House of toys. Are they looking at me, or at the car? Men! Orchuk just makes me laugh


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