Photos and pictures of Hike

Banana tree (it sounds better in
Hebrew). Long road ahead. Three good reasons to like
family trips. Come to Mommy! Come to me! The view makes me thirsty, like
always. I want to be like my mommy.
Let me show you how to play this thing. Me and my daddy! There's another drop in there. Agreed. You carry her on the way
back. Good girls for the pilots Nobody sees me up here
That looks like a rather tasty ant I need more fingers. Come sit with me, butterfly Always thinking of you... A little shade to rest in Fly eagle, cut the sky...
View of the enchanted valley The wife, the dog, the kid, the view that isn't mine. Gili and Meirav are wondering what mommy is
interested in. Good to rest in the shade. Come sing with me mommy. Grandpa, Grandma, and two generations down.


Hike, photos, pictures Photos and pictures of Hike Hike, photos, pictures

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